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The Maronite Academy

Items & Outfits Needed in Lebanon (Tentative List)

1- In General:

- Sun glasses

- An UNLOCKED cell phone that you can use: you can get a SIM card for a local number + talking minutes for a cheap price-- 2 providers: Alfa & MTC Touch. (I use Alfa)

- A camera (or cell phone with camera) + camcorder (if any)

- Insect repellent, Permethrin (insect repellent for clothing), and ointment for insect bites

- Health insurance card (keep it on you at all time)

- Medicines/medical supplies + copies of prescriptions for existing conditions

- Eyeglasses and contacts, copies of your prescription for glasses/contacts. Consider packing spare glasses and contacts in case yours are damaged.

- Needles or syringes, such as for diabetes. (Requires a letter from your doctor on letterhead stationery.)

- Inhalers

- Epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens)

- Medical alert bracelet

- Medicine to prevent altitude sickness (if any needed)

+  Over-the-counter medicines:

·         Antacid 

·         Diarrhea medicine (for example, loperamide [Imodium] or bismuth subsalicylate [Pepto-Bismol]) 

·         Antihistamine 

·         Motion sickness medicine 

·         Cough drops 

·         Medicine for pain and fever (such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen) 

·         Mild laxative 

·         Saline nose spray

+ Cortisone 10 (for sun burns, unless you are allergic to it) + Aloe Vera
>> You need aloe vera for when you get burned from the sun. The sun in Lebanon is SO strong, and not matter how much SPF you use, you will always burn the first few times of sun exposure! -- Kathy Kuzni 


Check this website: Health information for travelers to Lebanon


VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you do NOT drink tap water in Lebanon, especially in the shower; only drink bottled water, and make sure that the ice in your beverages is from filtered water ONLY! [from Kathy Kuzni] + avoid raw meat and raw vegetables the first few days, or make sure the vegetables are very well washed.


2- For Sightseeing / Hiking / Camping: Basically, you need very comfortable casual clothes [comfy pants/sweatpants/jeans +  tennis shoes] + hat, sunscreen/ SPF 15 or greater, waist pack or lightweight knapsack, small first-aid kit, small traveling kit: toothbrush/ toothpaste/hair brush/antiperspirant + sweater (in case it gets cold high in the mountains). [A big Thank You to Father Kmeid for his suggestions]


3- For Swimming: Bathing suit, towel, sunscreen


4- For the Special Events: Business suits, long "soiree" dress, 1 party outfit.

Make sure, before you leave, to check the following website: 
The Christian Lebanese Foundation / CLFW. If you are not registered in Lebanon yet, now is the time for you to do so! 
Lebanon needs you!
CLFW will take care of the whole registration process for you, free of charge.